Hosted Sites My little brother is quite the web page designer. He started with a sub-domain off of my site, and has moved quickly to his own domain. I enjoy hosting his site best, because he gives me the most unique things to try out and do with the server. A new domain my little brother bought. It is not set up as of yet, but it will eventually hold his growing collection of pictures. This is where my mother's online business presence resides. My brother does all of the coding and creation work for her, but the items for sale are all hand made by my mother. I have been making webpages of various kinds for many years and figure it is about time to make one that is just about me. So this is where I put pictures, post life events I care to share, and ramblings I put to paper.

I hope to add more to the list in the near future, it is always fun to see what others can do.

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