Java Programs and Projects

The UofArizona CS program used primarly java as a programing language, as such that is where most of my work has been. Here a few examples of some of the work I have done. Some projects are full on GUI programs developed for anyone to use (ie actually useful) most of the work though is entirely academic and has no real use besides showing ability to implement a particular algorithm or idea.

This was a rather interesting project to work on. It was my first program in Java to take input from a mouse click on something other than a button.
While a very simple program in effect, it had a lot of very useful things to learn. I had to take into account the varying size of the window, and using that control the size of the ball and text. The spec also required taking into account the slider to control the speed.
Qubic Master
This is one of my largest full featured java projects. As part of a team we had to create a game that mimiced the board game Qubic. My responsibility in this project was primarily the GUI, but we all pitched in and helped eachother, it was by far the best group project I had while in School
Rectangles Play Ground
By far, this was one of the hardest programs I did for school. There were many fine points that had to be met in the spec. Besides taking clicks and coloring, the grid had to be able to change shape, and maintain a black border around the clicking area that changed depending on shape, size, and number of columns and rows.
Service Retail Calculator
The idea for this program came from dealing with Sales Associates miss quoting prices on parts causing us to not make as much money as was needed. To combat these errors I created this program, I created it in both Java and Cocoa.
During my data structures classes I had the chance to create and explore many different ideas of how to store and parse data. This was one of my favorites from the class hence the reason I have posted it here.
Web Album
I was finding editing the config files for the picture albums getting tedious. It was also hard to keep track of the locations and formating for the different options I wanted. So over a couple of months I came up with this.
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