FileMaker Databases, Programs and Projects

FileMaker was a development platform that I never expected to pick up and find so much use for. I was first introduced to it working at the UofA Bookstore. I took over the development and support of the system and was soon hooked. It is amazing how many things fit well into a good database.

CATS UofA Bookstores Database System
My largest project by far, I spent 3 years working on updating and maintaining this system. It was designed to be the backbone of CATS. The only thing it did not manage was the daily inventory, only because there was a bookstore wide system for this. It did track everything from special orders, software sold, to order invoices. The two most interesting pieces to me are the scheduling and software license systems.
Engineering College Senior Day
This was one of my first large systems I did out side of the UofA Bookstore. I was hired by a friend to help with his senior project. It was a rather odd arrangement, the students were getting grades, and I got paid. The best part of the program was the algorithm to assign students to tours.
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