Java Program: Service Retail Calculator


This program is to assist in the pricing of products for a retail environment. It has to be able to calculate all of the following information: Cost, Margin, Shipping, Retail. The user will enter data into all the fields but the one desired to be calculated then tell the program to do the calculation.


  • A field for each of the following: Cost, Margin, Shipping, and Retail.
  • A button to quit, calculate, and clear data.
  • You can assume that the user will only enter valid numbers
  • There has to be some kind of selector to let the user choose which field will be calculated
  • Use the following equation: Retail = (Cost / (1 - Margin)) + Shipping
  • Round up to the nearest 5 dollar increment.


This project was written to be used at the UofA Bookstore to help sales people calcuate retail of parts in the service center. I developed this to make it so that sales people would give the same pricing for every customer. Before using this every customer seemed to get a different price for the same item.. While a very simple program it met the needs of the business and made life easier. This program was also developed in Cocoa.


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