FileMaker: Engineering College Senior Day


A system where by the Engineering College can organize High School Seniors into tours in an efficient and organized manner. Before developing this system the college was using an Excel spreadsheet, but it was quickly being out grown by the increasing size of the tours coming in each year. The task was to create a larger, but easier system to manage where in the tour data could be contained. FileMaker was chosen due to the rapid deployment ability, and ease of development.


  • Student
    • Track their name, date of tour, address, and contact information
    • Track any special needs the student may have
    • Track any guests the student will be bringing
    • Track whether or not the student has paid the fees for coming to the event
    • Track if the confirmation letter was sent to the student
    • Ability to enter the student's preferred departments to be given a tour of
    • Ability to assign tours to the student both manually and automatically
      • Each student can only attend three tours, and must attend three
      • Tours the student is assigned to must be as close as possible to each other
      • If there is an error in assigning tours it needs to be flagged for the user to see
  • Guest
    • Track their name and relationship to a student
    • Track any special needs that a student may have
  • Ambassador
    • Track their name and the date they will be helping with the tours
    • Track their assignments (activities) for the day
  • Tour
    • Track the department the tour is for
    • Track the number of slots the tour has and how many have been filled
  • Department
    • Track the name and location of the department
    • Track the default number of slots a tour for this department will have


This was one of my first large systems I did out side of the UofA Bookstore. I was hired by a friend to help with his senior project. It was a rather odd arrangement, the students were getting grades, and I got paid. The best part of the program was the algorithm to assign students to tours, which is where a bulk of the work was spent.


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